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The average turnaround time from submission to first response is 47 days, and at most 2 months. For revised manuscripts, the review process goes even faster. Many accepted manuscripts go through two rounds of review to reach a final decision only 5 months after submission. Accepted manuscripts are published in the digital library immediately after acceptance. They are printed in the next ACM TACO issue, which means an extra delay of at most 3 months. Hence, excellent manuscripts can make it from submission to print in 6 months; papers needing a major revision will make it to print in at most 9 months. The ACM TACO acceptance rate after two review rounds varies around 30%.

ACM TACO has a review cycle and an acceptance rate which is competitive with the best ACM conferences, but without the inconvenient non-negotiable submission deadlines, and with the advantage of being able to revise a paper based on the detailed review reports by carefully selected reviewers, and of being published as soon as it is accepted. On top of that, authors of original work papers get an open invitation to present their paper at the yearly HiPEAC conference, which is the premier European network event on topics central to ACM TACO, attended by more than 600 scientists. There is no obligation to present the paper in order to have the paper published in ACM TACO.

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